You’re Fired: Enemy #1 Of US Cannabis Legalization Is Now Out

Today The AP announced Jeff Sessions has resigned .


We have been critical of Sessions in the past, but were also using his outlandish speeches as a means for buying opportunities. When he would make claims that cannabis was worse than heroin, or his decide to try and rescind the Cole Memo, the market tanked in the short term.

This opened up a great buying opportunity for those who had confidence in the longer term cannabis story. While many Republicans have been neutral or even supportive towards cannabis reform, Session’s continued his disdain for the plant

US cannabis companies like MPX have also used Sessions as a means for PR, as he is pretty easy to dislike, especially as a cannabis investor or user.

This is a great day for US cannabis, earlier today we wrote about the wave of states legalizing medical cannabis.

Here are some pieces from our Jeff Sessions archives:

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