What China & Russia Have In Common With Regards To the US

For most Americans, it would seem far-fetched, even a bit crazy, to think that the US is going to war with Russia or China anytime soon. They would shrug the idea off and refuse to be bothered by it.

However, things are quite different in Russia and China. Both these governments take the hypothesis of war with the US quite seriously.

The Russian Point of View

In recent times, Russia-bashing has grown at an obsessive scale in the US. With or without reason, we seem to blame Russia for many things. In diplomatic and military contexts, the US-Russia relations are headed south, with the tailwinds of Syrian civil war funneling their steep decline.

To make matters worse, the Trump administration recently announced that it would retreat from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. This announcement has far-reaching implications in terms of global nuclear inequality.

The red-faced Russians responded immediately. Its official Andrei Belousov came up with an alarmist statement that raised quite a few eyebrows.

The central message of Belousov’s statement was, Russia is preparing for war! But Russia is always preparing for war since this country is led by a dictator who wants to relive the dark filled days of the Soviet Union. This is a country that continues to lose citizens since they don’t believe in what their country stands for.

While Belousov did not mention any names, he was obviously referring to the US.

Amplifying Belousov’s announcement, the Russian media chose to highlight the rapidly deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two countries, and other simultaneous conflicting developments.

Almost in tandem, the government has released a video showing a mock nuclear strike by the Russian forces to destroy “the enemy.” America needs a prolific missile defense shield – too bad it wasted so much on the Affordable Care Act and still does. Russia would lose a war though to America.

Leading the propaganda assault from the front, President Putin has come up with inflammatory statements that any nuclear aggression will be responded to with equal force, and the enemy will be annihilated.

These coordinated statements have caused a large-scale public perception that a US-Russia war is not only imminent, but it is coming soon. America has more to lose, Russia does not have too much to lose. As already said, its own citizens don’t even want to be there.

The Chinese Perspective

Meanwhile, China too has picked up the war rhetoric. President Xi Jinping has commanded his military to be fully prepared for a war after inspecting the military infrastructure in South China.

The events that led to the US-China flashpoint are focused on the South China Sea and Taiwan. In late October, the US warships made an authoritative tour of the Taiwan Strait under the “freedom of navigation” provision. This exercise was obviously viewed by the Chinese as a deliberate act of provocation.

However, the US seems unconcerned. It cites examples of various other countries, including France, Germany, and Australia, whose naval vessels sail through the South China waters under the same “freedom for navigation” provision.

On the other hand, the US continues to earn China’s wrath with its open support to democratic Taiwan. It does not miss any opportunity to express its pro-Taiwan views on various international platforms.

Lastly, the US-China trade war, which America finally acknowledged is real and led smartly by President Trump, has pushed China into a corner. China can no longer steal our secrets and wealth with impunity. China is not happy about this since finally the world is calling them out.  Chinese exports have suffered, and the economy has also taken a hit.

These recent developments are affecting China in many ways. Xi does not want to be caught napping. Hence, their message to the people of China is that the country is “preparing for war.”

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