Anyone who is from Canada knows of the history of the First Nations people. It’s a story that stretches back over 100 years. Only in the last few decades have serious steps been made to better a once harsh situation.

Let’s face it, a lot of people are going to make a lot of money in the legal cannabis space. There’s no doubt that First Nations people will want a piece of the pie, and there is one company who has gone out of its way to ensure that happens by creating equity partnerships with Indigenous people. According to certain articles in UNDRIP (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) they have a legal right to be a part of the growing cannabis industry.

Ravenquest Biomed (RQB) has been creating partnerships with First Nations people and are acting not only as a licensed producer, but also as a consultant for construction, operations. branding and distribution for First Nation cannabis entrepreneurs. In these attractive partnerships Ravenquest will allow the entrepreneurs to maintain control by giving them at least 51% ownership.

So here’s the upside that Ravenquest has, it’s pretty simple: taxation. GST and PST is not applicable on sovereign land, bringing around a 22% tax saving right off the top. This will cause incredible margin advantages over other producers who will be liable to pay a full tax rate. In Ravenquest’s presentation they state they have a, ‘Favorable taxation regime for facility construction, cannabis production & sale on sovereign Indigenous lands.’

One piece of this land is also located in Fort McMurray, and every Canadian knows the recent boom and bust of the Fort McMurray oil industry. A once prosperous area that attracted hard working labourers and tradesmen from coast to cast has slowed down greatly over the past few years, which leaves an opening for another industry to come in and help economically. Cannabis.

Ravenquest will be building out a 250,000 square foot growing location in Fort McMurray which will surely host a number of job opportunities as well as help the local economy. Ravenquest’s focus on First Nations people is one of the aspects of this company that makes it an attractive investment for people looking in the small-mid cap range. Their unique business model can be read about more extensively in the document below.

Ravenquest Investor Presentation:

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Ravenquest CEO Interview: