Trump’s Weird Reason For The China Tariff Bluff

The current trade war with China has exposed some of Trump’s less than effective negotiating tactics. This is incredibly damaging to his reputation as Trump sold himself as a master negotiator during the election cycle. However, he made a critical error with China recently, balking on his tariff threat. His reasoning for the pullback was beyond strange.


Yes, the newly invented holiday known as Christmas.

President Trump says he is delaying some tariffs on Chinese imports ahead of the Christmas season. “We’re doing this for the Christmas season,” Trump says, “just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers.” The Trump administration announced hours earlier that it would delay until Dec. 15 some of the tariffs that were originally scheduled to come into effect Sept. 1.

If this really was Trump’s reason, why set the tariffs in place in the beginning? Christmas didn’t just come out of nowhere. You can question Trump’s intelligence all day, but it would be hard to believe that the President was unaware of the highly profitable Christmas holiday.

The U.S. trade representative said the delay would apply to a wide variety of goods, including certain electronics such as cellphones, laptops and video games.

A slew of Christmas-related products also appeared on the delay list. They include decorations for “Christmas festivities, nativity scenes and figures thereof,” as well as Christmas tree lights and ornaments.

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