Trump-Kim Talks A Flop? Kim Says North Korea’s New Weapon Is His Father’s Legacy

The First Announcement of Re-Armament in Months

The North Korean state media reported in mid-November that the country’s dictator leader had supervised the testing of a new tactical weapon. The news is unsettling for analysts as they think that it may derail the process of nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

The state-controlled media singing the chorus of North Korea’s continued military one-upmanship in the region has surprised many stakeholders, as it came after many months’ of silence.In fact, there has not been any major announcement emanating from the country’s media since the Trump-Kim summit talks in Singapore earlier this year in June.

It has raised eyebrows in diplomatic circles, as people are wondering whether Kim is yet again donning the role of a rogue military leader whom the world loves to hate.

The US is Unfazed

However, the announcement apparently does not bother the US.

In an official response to the announcement, the State Department said that the development would not have any adverse bearing on the outcomes of the Trump-Kim summit talks. Its statement expressed “confidence” that the commitments that the leaders made to each other in Singapore will be fulfilled.

However, it remains to be seen whether the State Department will stick to this stand. It is on record saying that easing of international sanctions on North Korea was out of question until it takes concrete and verifiable measures to prove that it is abandoning its nuclear ambitions and would systematically destroy its nuclear-capable weapons.

This includes the much-hyped long-range missiles that the delusional Kim had personally threatened, would ruin the US.

Given this context, it is obvious that any new unwelcome announcements from North Korea will be against the spirit of the Singapore summit. However, the State Department does not seem to be affected yet, at least in front of the media.

In fact, the Vice President even announced that President Trump is scheduled to meet Kim in 2019 and will pursue Kim to produce a comprehensive and concrete agenda for North Korea’s denuclearization and disarmament.

While inspecting the testing of this new weapons system, Kim Jong-Un said that it was a legacy from his father’s time, one that Kim Jong-il was especially interested in. He had personally followed its progress during his life, he added.

Continuing in his chest-thumping, self-glorifying tone, Kim pronounced the new weapon as a show of North Korea’s rapidly escalating defensive capabilities in the entire region. They need defensive weapons because they choose to be combative rather than give up their illogical struggle and merge with the south. They should recognize their way of life is obscene and disgusting but since they are led by a leader who lives in Harry Potter land North Korea continues to be a black mark to humanity.

They are trying to prove they have scientific and technological superiority despite them still using weapons from the 1960s and their soldiers not even having enough to eat.

Typically, the announcement was high on rhetoric and low on specifics.

Meanwhile, even as this announcement was made, a North Korean delegation is officially visiting South Korea – probably eating all the food they can possibly get their hands on. Its purpose is to strengthen bilateral economic ties and further de-escalate tensions in the Korean Peninsula. Many people though believe North Korea is just going through the motions and waiting for America to put in another weak leader like Obama so they can continue their military aggression.

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