Company Province Agreement Stage Anual KG’s to XLY Notes
Abcann ON SA Sales Licence 8,000 50% of proceeds from 50k sqft exp. after current 100k sqft expansion is complete
Aphria ON SA Cult. & Sales 15,000 Until 2022 – 60000kg over 4 yrs. for export
Artiva ON SA Pre-Affirmation 17,800 33% of cultivation at cost + 10% for 10 years. Right of first refusal for future expansion.
Beleave ON SA Cult. Licence 15,000 50% proceeds of 200,000 sqft joint venture named ‘Newco’
CannabisCo. (IDP Group & HMT Solutions) ON BSA/SA Early Stage 22,500 Nestle Building – kg based on 300,000 sqft build out
Robinson’s Cannabis NS SA Affirmation 10,400 formerly Cannahort Agriculture
CannTx Life Sciences ON SA Affirmation 1,980 33% of all cannabis for 10 yrs. For Phase 1 and Phase 2 build out…total 24000sqft.
Curative Cannabis ON SA Pre-Affirmation 15,000 Initial footprint of 30,000 sqft with additional facility of 120,000sq.ft.
FV Pharma-Century Financial Capital Group Inc. ON JV Cult. Licence 200,000 Kraft Building – 620,000 sqft – new name ‘Cannabis ConneXion Corp’
Great White North Growers QC SA Affirmation 8,300
GreenhouseCo – Peter Quring ON JV Pre-Affirmation 162,000 4.2 m sqft of greenhouses in Leamington..360,000kg production total after Phase 3
Green Relief ON SA Cult. & Sales 115,500 In active discussion regarding their facility expansion
Level Ten ON SA Pre-Affirmation 8,100 30% perpetual stream of cannabis cultivated in Phase 1 – 278,000sqft
Lotus Ventures BC SA Active Review 6,000 50% of all cannabis proceeds for 10 yrs. and right of first refusal for expansion projects
Plan C BioPharm BC SA Affirmation 7,000
Kolab Project – RockGarden Medicinals ON SA Cult. Licence 2,080 Online Medical distribution with application for Export Licence
Sustainable Growth Strategy Capital – SGSC ON BSA/SA Pre-Licence 5,500 30% perpetual stream of cannabis from initial 145,000 sqft build out

The risk in Auxly is that sure they will have around 620,000 kg’s if all goes as planned, but, if there is an oversupply of product flooding the market that large amount of flower wont be as valuable as a company who has high margin extract products that they are moving at scale.


Potential International Exposure

Market Cap: 42.26 Mil

Shares Outstanding: 112,371,278

Price/Book: 5.15

CROP’s royalty portfolio gives investors exposure to six early stage cannabis businesses, covering most of the verticals when it comes to cannabis production and distribution. CROP has royalty deals in the investment, retail, extraction, construction, and renter/owner projects for cannabis producers. Half of the businesses in CROP’s portfolio are in the application and construction phase, including an international property in Northeastern Italy.

Federally regulated US investment banks aren’t yet lending to the cannabis sector, so royalty companies like CROP make this financing possible with the help of the looser Canadian markets. The CSE has been by far the favourite thus far for most Canadian and American cannabis companies to list on.

Property Property Type Location Construction Status Planned Size
Emerald Heights Retail Retail outlets San Bernardino, California Application 2 retail outlets
Humboldt Farms Indoor growing Humboldt County, California 30,000 sq.ft complete 30,000 sq.ft
Nevada Outdoor growing Nye County, Nevada Production ready pending license 315 acres
The Park Indoor growing Grant County, Washington Completed retro-fit 35,000 sq/ft
The Dozen Indoor growing Grant County, Washington Construction Underway 114,000 sq./ft
Italy CBD extraction Northeastern Italy Outdoor planting to commence 522,000 sq/ft

With cannabis being recreationally and medically legal in a growing number of US states, but still illegal federally,royalty and streaming companies have had the opportunity to become the bank to many of these businesses in the United States.

Similarly, in Canada the big banks have stayed away from financing cannabis companies as the banks have US ties. This has allowed companies like Auxly (XLY.V) and CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C) to thrive as they provide funding and help with other startup costs for early stage Canadian cannabis companies.