This New Crypto Mining Facility Has Enough To Power To Run A City Of 50,000 Homes, But Is Off The Grid

Today DMG Blockchain (DMGI.C) announced that after a year of construction, 60 of its 85 megawatt crypto mining facility which now operational.The facility is 27,000 sq/ft, making it one of the largest facilities of this kind in North America. The facility is currently using clean hydroelectric power, and will not have any impact on the power needs of the local community.

DMG has been working with FortisBC on the project.

“FortisBC is excited to be working with DMG on this project. Not only is DMG one of the largest electric customers we have ever connected, but it’s an emerging industry that’s providing new opportunity for rural communities.” – Jason Wolfe, Director of Energy Solutions at FortisBC 

Revenue During A Drought

 DMG did over $6 million in revenue last year with crypto mining being one of its revenue streams and a key pillar of their business. The most impressive stat from DMG is their $2,228,496 last quarter during a crypto lul.

The epic bull run crypto saw in Q4 of 2017 boosted a lot of companies revenue in the blockchain space, but DMG has proven that even during droughts it’s still able to generate very strong revenue.

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