‘Weed never killed anyone’, a common rhetorical comment to pro cannabis arguments for decades. With the new craze of products like CBD and vapes, new and dangerous people are getting involved in the space at a rapid rate. The black market continues to surge as the legal market moves at a snails pace through government red tape and confusing timeliens and regulations. Ask the average Canadian about which products are legal, and illegal – and they haven’t got a clue. Most people just believe that cannabis (in all of its forms) are legal.

In the US things have also been like the Wild West – with some companies actually harming, and even killing its customers.

According to CTV News, CBD tycoon Janell Thompson is in hot water after her Breaking Bad-esque pop-up weed company ‘Yolo’ has been linked to multiple deaths and poisonings.  The term ‘Yolo’ is an acronym for: ‘You Only Live Once’, which is an ironic name for a brand that puts human life below profit margin. Samples tested at Utah labs showed Yolo contained a synthetic marijuana blamed for at least 11 deaths in Europe — and no CBD at all.

Investigators were able to connect Thompson to that outbreak in part based on a guilty plea from the distributor of the spiked vapes, who said a woman that authorities identified as Thompson supplied the liquid that went into them.

When Janell Thompson moved from Utah to the San Diego area in 2010, the roommate she found online also vaped. Thompson had a background in financial services and the two decided to turn their shared interest into a business, founding an e-cigarette company called Hookahzz.

There were early successes. Thompson and her partner handed out Hookahzz products at an Emmy Awards pre-party, and their CBD vapes were included in Oscar nominee gift bags in 2014. In a video shot at a trade show, an industry insider described the two women as “the divas of CBD.”