40% of edible food is wasted in the USA per year, an annual loss of $218 billion.

Climate change and sustainability continue to be some of the most talked about issues on our planet today. One solution that was proposed was to buy local, or ‘The 100 Mile Diet’, but it didn’t take off at scale, keeping the food logistics market in shambles as people want food and products from all over the globe.

This gives the data analytics, supply, chain management, AI, and IoT company Trackloop (TOOL.C) [stock_market_widget type=”inline” symbol=”TOOL.CN” template=”basic” color=”default”] access to an estimated $250 billion food logistics market.

Large corporations like Walmart, Save-On-Foods and BC Ferries have a lot to lose if their product shows up inedible. Cannabis producers have also been having a difficult time as plants are showing up dead on arrival. Trackloop’s environmental regulation technology is looking to solve this growing issue. Trackloop is a new company that went public this month, they have a $4 million market cap and 40,502,661 shares outstanding.



Trackloop has partnerships with:

Volta Air & ChainTrack

One of the most attractive assets that Trackloop has recent purchase of ChainTrack Technology

Chaintrack sells its products to companies like Volta Air who retrofit cargo vehicles enabling refrigeration for delivery, they also install GPS systems and real time dashboard analytics so that operators can follow and track every detail of the delivery process.

ChainTrack is currently generating revenue by delivering tracking services to its existing customers. ChainTrack is also looking to expand by actively seeking independent cold chain tracking contracts within food and urban delivery sector.

Going forward the company has planned expansion with large grocery chains and will also expand its customer base rapidly via distribution agreements.

The main revenue will come from delivery of its Software as a Service (SaaS) tracking platform and which integrates with existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions through an API.


Future Cannabis

Last week we wrote about cannabis plants showing up dead on arrival. Just like food, cannabis needs to kept in certain temperature regulated environments.

“Cannabis industry many of the companies still rely on paper and faxes as a method of documentation, while the majority of ERP systems don’t integrate; ChainTrack’s platform solves this problem which presents significant cost savings and efficiencies to the supply chain and expands a client’s existing product offering of financial analytics solutions.” Zayn Kalyan, TrackLoop CTO

The door is wide open for Trackloop to take a major position in the cannabis industry, and judging by management’s recent comments, it looks as though the company is actively looking for partnerships in the space.

The great thing about investing in ‘pick and shovel‘ companies is that they often fly under the radar, making them undervalued. While the mainstream media sources obsessed over who will be the largest producer, smaller companies that could compliment those massive growers with their technology often go unnoticed.

It’s still early days for Trackloop, but this young company has a lot going for them. Their recent acquisitions brought in major clients which gives them massive credibility, not only to investors but to future potential clients as well.

With Trackloops desire to become a player in the cannabis industry this company could take off quickly as cold tracking is an underserved subsection of the giant cannabis market, and with marijuana plants showing up dead – this is a costly problem that a company like Trackloop could come in and fix.