This Asian Country Is Taking Big Steps Towards Legalizing Cannabis

Thailand is currently drafting a bull to permit medical marijuana, it has been sent to the legislative body, and will be reviewed within a month, reports the AFP.

As we have seen in Canada and several US states, legalizing medical cannabis has been the first step towards rec legalization. It’s unclear now as to whether or not Thailand will also move into rec legalization, but this is a really promising step from the country.

The government and the Thai people are moving quickly towards legalizing the plant as there is widespread support among the population for drug reform laws.

A Thai Diplomat wrote in April:

The difference between Thai marijuana and most Vietnamese and Cambodian cannabis, was the difference between bathtub corn whiskey and single malt scotch. In 1967, one amazed DEA agent called it “the Cuban cigar of the marijuana world.”

Cannabis used to be considered a traditional herbal medicine in Thailand, with its use in medicine dating back over 300 years.  It was re-categorized as a class 5 narcotic under the 1979 Narcotic Drugs Act, which prohibited the production, consumption, sale, and possession of cannabis.

Thailand has  taken the opposite approach to many other Asian countries in regards to drug laws. Today the drug laws are extremely harsh in most parts of Asia. In Singapore & Malaysia, drug trafficking has carried the death penalty, while South Korea has made it illegal for its citizens to use cannabis abroad in jurisdictions where it’s legal.

Last year Thailand’s Rangsit University founded a research team to study cannabis use in medicine, and secured permission from the country’s narcotics-control board to create a cannabis-extract spray for cancer patients. In April, the university’s rector called on Thailand’s military leaders to legalize medical marijuana.

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