The Latest in SAS Protection Gear

BobaFett, the ‘mother of all helmets’ used by the SEALS is now being tried out by the UK Special Forces.

The sophisticated, fifth-generation helmet gets its nickname after the notorious character in the Star Wars franchise which has taken a hit lately because of a string of terrible movies (Rogue One was the only one in the last 4 that was not horrendous) but this is another topic. The headgear looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie, and performs just like one.

Technically named DevtacRonin Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmet, it is designed and produced by Devtac. Wesley, Shibata, the owner of the company is non-committal about the SAS running trial runs of BobaFett. However, with stories running in major tabloids, it has become the worst-kept secret of the year.

What Makes BobaFett So Outstanding?

BobaFett is rightly dubbed as a multi-task combat helmet. It is smart – it incorporates the fifth generation safety, surveillance, visual, terrain mapping, night vision, face recognition technologies. And it is accurate in its screen displays and detection. With so much packed into BobaFett, lesser heads will roll in combat.

The BobaFett helmet incorporates features that until now, read like a soldier’s wish-list.

  • The helmet is technologically so advanced that it can recognize whether the heat signals picked up from an approaching human are that of a friend or a foe. This brings down the accidental shooting rate of one’s own drastically. At the same time, it does not spare the enemy!
  • The visor of BobaFett is fog-free. This is made possible due to in-built micro-jet fans that defog the screen. For situations in freezing temperatures, this feature literally makes the difference between life and death.
  • BobaFett has air-conditioned interiors. Apart from helping soldiers keep their cool, it also protects them against gaseous and other emissions.
  • The screen of the helmet projects terrain maps. This is made possible with an advanced GPS system that is placed in the helmet’s body. With this superior feature, the BobaFett displays all that lies ahead of the soldier.
  • The helmet’s body is one of the strongest-ever witnessed in a combat headgear. The ultra-strong surface is reinforced with N50 Neodymium magnets. The combined effect makes the BobaFett capable of deflecting a .44 Magnum slug.
  • The armor also wards off deadly shrapnel, fire, and other potentially fatal attacks.
  • The lenses of the helmet are made from polycarbonate, which gives, clear, distortion-free vision.
  • Lastly, the lethal and ruthless robotic looks of the helmet are deadly enough to unnerve the enemy soldier. In a combat situation where every split situation counts, this amounts to a critical advantage over the enemy.

First it was the SEALs, and now, the SAS. With two of the world’s most powerful combat forces adopting the BobaFett, the helmet has gained a celebrity status in the military world.

For the elite troops facing the heat of mortal combat, the armor is the latest addition in their protective gear. At the same time, BobaFett has enhanced the forces’ striking ability due to its advanced features. Hence, it produces a win-win situation on Ground Zero.

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