One Of the Biggest Transactions In Months In the Cannabis Space Was Just Announced

Aleafia (ALEF) just announced it is acquiring Emblem (EMC) in an all-stock deal worth $173 million, the first major deal in some months in the cannabis sector.

Aleafia’s CFO told BNN Bloomberg: “There were other players out there in the market but some were more recreationally-focused or they weren’t known for taking care of their patients,” said Benjamin Ferdinand, chief financial officer at Concord, Ont.-based Aleafia, in a phone interview with BNN Bloomberg.

Emblem is a Toronto based company who recorded $2.62 million  in revenue last quarter and has a current market cap of $141 million.

The most impressive figure from Emblem’s financials is an industry leading average sale price of $10.17 CAD per gram. If eventually Canada follows Washington and Oregon’s lead by having an over supply of product, Emblem is positioned well for the margin game. Many producers talk about being low cost, Emblem has lead the industry in that regard thus far.

If enough are companies follow through on their targets and can actually harvest 100,000 kg of cannabis per year, all the while competing with each other on price, and end up selling it at $5-7 CAD per gram, it could invite a race to the bottom. The same thing could happen in the vape sector with the glorified Shopify dropship network Namaste (N).

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