Shoppers Launches Ecom Platform For Cannabis

In September, Health Canada approved Shoppers Drug Mart’s application to become a licensed producer (LP) of medical cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

The approval paves the way for Canada’s largest drugstore chain to fulfill medical cannabis prescriptions through the mail. Health Canada’s decision is a major coup for Shoppers, which operates 1,300 stores beneath the Shoppers banners and fills more than $1 billion worth of prescriptions every year. It has claimed that pharmacists are best positioned to dispense medical cannabis because of both their existing infrastructure and their expertise with controlled substances.

Today, Shoppers Drug Mart launched its online platform for the selling of medical cannabis, providing patients with a single, trusted source for all their cannabis therapy needs. The launch brings together Canada’s current ecommerce model for medical cannabis, with all the expert advice and counsel from trusted healthcare professionals.

“As reliable medication experts, pharmacists have an essential part to play in the educated and safe use of medical cannabis. Today’s announcement is a leap forward for those searching for expert oversight and trusted support in this area,” explained Jeff Leger, President, Shoppers Drug Mart. “Medical cannabis, for example any prescribed drugs, requires the same degree of counsel from a health care professional. As medical cannabis is increasingly prescribed to Canadians because of its therapeutic benefits, our intention is to enhance the service and support that individuals get through this procedure.”

At patients have access to quite a few goods from Canadian accredited producers, shipped directly and subtly to their doorstep. Additionally, Shoppers Drug Mart will offer support for patients via its recently established Shoppers Cannabis Care Centre — a virtual group of professionals who can offer counselling and support for patients. Under present regulations, pharmacists can’t dispense medical cannabis from a drugstore.

During the initial launch, patients in Ontario can deliver their medical document (which is similar to a prescription) into a local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy to process the info.

“For individuals living with chronic health conditions, for example arthritis, the recommendation of a health professional and accessibility to trusted guidance, is invaluable if thinking about using cannabis for medicinal purposes” says Janet Yale, President and CEO of the Arthritis Society.

Education for pharmacists is encouraged by Shoppers Drug Mart Medical Advisory Board, a panel of independent medical experts from across the country who provide advice and guidance on new clinical signs, and have developed clinical instructions to assist our Cannabis Care advisers choose the suitable breed depending on the prescriber’s recommendation.

Shoppers Drug Mart has signed supply and quality agreements with ten accredited manufacturers and provides products and medical accessories.

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