2. Hiku | CNSX: HIKU

‘Craft’, ‘Hip’, ‘Urban’, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘Unique’

Design: 9.7/10

Messaging: 8.4/10

Uniqueness: 9.4/10

HIKU contains a multitude of brands including: Tokyo Smoke, DOJA and Van Der Pop. All 3 brands are different, but they share similar qualities. HIKU scored points for very strong logo design, their logos stand out amongst seas of other logos in the sector. Branding, product design and packaging are a huge focus for these brands, they anticipate being the leading lifestyle brand in the sector and their products definitely stand up against any other company.They were said to almost have a trendy Brooklyn, New York or Seattle feel. With both Tokyo Smoke and DOJA’s focus on coffee shops, this makes total sense. From their clothes to their coffee to their smoking devices, HIKU was seen as cool and on trend (especially with millenials), while still being unique.