3. Choom | OTC: CHOOF

‘Bohemian’, ‘West Coast’, ‘Summer’, ‘Road Trip’, ‘Hippie-chic’

Design: 8.1/10

Messaging: 8.7/10

Uniqueness: 9.2/10

CHOOM scored points for capturing the essence of the upscale end of the hippie spectrum. As we know, the 4:20 high school stoner reggae look has nearly vanished in this emerging sector. For the most part, anything resembling cannabis a few decades ago has more or less been replaced with new innovative. However, CHOOM was able to capture the boho chic segment that has been largely overlooked and could be a huge segment of the consumer market.  CHOOM has managed to create a really fun and classy approach that feels fresh and on point. It was said this will attract a younger west coast/laid back crowd, and also potentially an older crowd that wants to relive the old days of Volkswagen Vans, Led Zeppelin albums and sunny summer days.