5. Namaste | CNSX: N

‘Relaxed’, ‘Yoga’, ‘Futuristic’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Natural’

Design: 7.8/10

Messaging: 8.1/10

Uniqueness: 8.8/10

Namaste was rewarded for stepping outside of the box and having the word ‘technologies’ in their name. ‘Technologies’ contrasted with ‘Namaste’ almost creates somewhat of a paradox as the two seem opposing in a traditional sense. We tend to associate the term namaste with yoga, meditation or gratitude, pairing it with ‘technologies’ stood out as memorable. Namaste was also praised for its product design, they have some of the most attractive and innovative vapes in the market today. Namaste’s logo follows a yoga-esque design in its font and lotus flower, which is also unique as it makes no reference to anything medical or scientific sounding and instead has a very natural feel.