We asked a group of 25 graphic designers to give us a break down of the top publicly traded cannabis LP’s branding and design.

The variables we measured are:

  1. design (logo, images, color palette)
  2. brand messaging (copy, slogans, brand statements, product titles & descriptions)
  3. uniqueness 

These 3 variables were scored on a scale from 1-10. We also asked the top 3 words or phrases that best described the company purely from an aesthetic and branding point of view.]


10. Supreme | CVE: FIRE

‘Modern’, ‘Edgy’, ‘Hip’, ‘Urban’, ‘Clean’

Design: 8.4/10

Messaging: 7.0/10

Uniqueness: 8.2/10

Supreme scored big points for its distinct logo which feels like a modern lifestyle company, something you would see in a high end urban clothing apparel store. Supreme also scored points by being more subtle in its branding by not going with anything related to green, blue or medicinal sounding, and in fact choosing an overall black and white aesthetic. The red, black and white look was seen as being a bit edgier and stood out against some of the more common colors. The ticker FIRE also compliments Supreme attempt at being a bit edgier than other companies in the sector.