Reefer Madness! Quebec Government Thinks Cannabis Is More Dangerous Than Alcohol



Listen up Johnny!

The devils herb is here!

This menacing racket will take the lives of everyone you know and love!

This crop comes straight from the devil’s garden!

This mari-huana plant is destroying the youth in alarmingly increasing numbers!

Marihuana is that drug , a violent narcotic, an unspeakable scourge !

The Real public enemy number one!

We thought that was all behind us in 2018, but, wait a second, Quebec has something to say.


18 Year Old Murderer: Adult, 18 Year Old Cannabis User: Child

The CBC is reporting that the province of Quebec (CAQ) is looking to change the current cannabis laws in the province.

The proposed amendments are:

  • Increase the legal age to consume cannabis to 21, up from 18, to prevent long-term effects on young people, including psychiatric complications.
  • Ban smoking marijuana in all public spaces so that the rules are uniform across the province.
  • Revisit how far away Société québecoise de cannabis (SQDC) stores can be located from schools.


The CAQ states one of its main reasons for the amendments is that cannabis harm the minds of children, however if you commit a crime when you are 18 you will be tried as an adult. But, consuming cannabis at 18 is a totally different story, then you are just a child.

Nice logic.

The move is also odd as Quebec is tied with Manitoba and Alberta for having the youngest drinking age in the country (18).

By way of that logic, the Quebec government (CAQ) sees cannabis as being more dangerous than alcohol for young people.

During a holiday weekend earlier this summer there were 13 drunk driving deaths in the province, down from 19 the previous year.

According to Semantic Scholar:

  • Total alcohol-related healthcare costs are approximately the same as revenue from alcohol sales in Québec; in 2002 in the province, over $3 billion in costs were attributable to alcohol, the equivalent of $416 per inhabitant. Healthcare costs represent 22% of this total, that is, $651 million; this is about equal to the net income from alcohol sales for that year.
  • In Québec, 1.8% of deaths are attributable to alcohol.
  • Since these deaths occur mostly among young people, the estimated potential years of life lost is 38,668 years. For this same year, 405,353 episodes of ambulatory care and 48,307 hospitalization diagnoses in Québec were attributable to alcohol.
  • Studies have shown that an increase in consumption of one litre of pure alcohol per person increases allcause mortality by 2.9%, suicides by 4%, accidents by 5.9 % in men, and cirrhosis by 16% in men and 12% in women.

Even though alcohol continues to be a major health concern, cannabis is still seen as more dangerous by many people. A big part of that has to do with the massive propaganda and brainwashing campaigns that happened many decades ago. Cannabis has been around for 5,000 years but was only made illegal in North America in the 1930’s, since then the stigma has been incredibly harsh.

For people pro cannabis, there is a massive shift happening towards embracing the plant for its beneficial purposes. However, Quebec is proving that skeptics do still have a voice and not everyone is on board with the new movement.

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