Aurora’s CEO Tells Cannabis Industry How He Really Feels

Aurora (ACB.T) CEO Terry Booth made an interesting spectacle this week at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas, one of the largest business events of its kind.

During a panel titled “Canada: Assessing the First Month of Recreational Sales”, distribution systems among Canadian provinces were discussed Booth made what The Financial Post deemed a couple ‘profanity-laced’ remarks. The Financial Post also commented that there were gasps from the audience.

It has been widely reported that there have been several issues with cannabis shortages in Canada since legalization last month. Booth did praise Alberta, (Aurora’s home province) for its rollout.

Why is this story interesting? The contrast of how Aurora usually acts with the media.

Cam Battley, Aurora’s COO and often front facing media personnel was also in attendance and made comments after the panel stating that the comments were all in good fun. Battley is the face of Aurora in nearly every media appearance.

No one in the cannabis industry chooses his words more thoughtfully than Battley, in nearly every interview he sticks to the script better than anyone.

We had the privilege of attending Lift back in January and at one of the panels discussing provincial regulations every single one of Battley’s points masterfully was used as a segway to Aurora’s pitch-deck, it was astounding. On every Midas Letter interview Battley has the pitch memorized so beautifully it almost seems beyond human.

This is why in our opinion Booth’s account of the province of Ontario’s distribution system being a ‘shit show’ and stating that they ‘shat the bed’ was so refreshing.

The exact quote was:

“I would say Ontario shat the bed the worst” 

No punches pulled on that one. Finally, some real words that would never be in any pitch deck from one of the major cannabis players.

Unlike stuffy mining conferences, cannabis conferences are generally a bit more laid back, a bit more down to earth. In an era where leaders of industry like Canopy’s (WEED.T) CEO Bruce Linton and Aphria’s (APH.T) CEO Vic Neufeld are often being candid and cracking jokes, it’s refreshing to see Aurora’s big boss step in with a couple of ‘profanity laced’ zingers.


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