In Just under a week, Namaste’s (N) stock has surged from $1.27 dollars a share to $2.27 a share. This massive growth has brought the stock a lot of attention. Namaste has a focus on ecom distribution using AI and machine learning as well as leveraging their global dating from vaporizer sales. The cannabis giant Aurora (ACB) has invested in Namaste and feels as though their technology will greatly benefit them.

From Namaste’s website:

‘Namaste has implemented advances analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms within its e-commerce platform and sales channels. Namaste is focused on continued growth through new marketing strategies and through a large network of content publication, has become the leading source for cannabis hardware and consumer information, diversified in regions across the globe.’



In a recent interview with Namaste’s CEO Sean Dollinger, Sean explained that the deal took months and months of meetings to finalize, and when it happened he was beyond thrilled to be working with a company like Aurora.


Namaste’s recent climb is not sustainable and there will be some consolidation moving forward, however, this blue sky breakout along with the company’s unique positioning in the marketplace, this is a sign of big things to come. Namaste has a huge increase in traffic to their website over the past months as seen here: