MPX CEO Scott Boyes said this today regarding Jeff Session’s decision to rescind the policy that protects legal cannabis on a state level:

‘“We see this as a rather innocuous directive and consider it unlikely that federal prosecutors will take much enforcement action in those States where the legalization of cannabis has been implemented as a result of a ballot initiative supported by a majority of the State’s electorate or by an Act of the respective State’s legislature,” said Scott Boyes, Chairman, President and CEO of MPX.  “There may be action taken against those players that are clearly acting outside of State regulations and that type of enforcement is a positive for the industry.”

“While the Sessions memo has caused some consternation in the industry, we do not expect it to have any material impact on the growth of the sector as a whole, or to weigh down the prospects for MPX,” said Mr. Boyes.  “For us its business as usual.  We will continue with our aggressive U.S. expansion plans, and in doing so we will operate within the spirit of the Cole Memorandum, in full compliance with all State and local regulations, in complete cooperation with the authorities in every community that we do business in, and we will continue to provide the highest quality products, and the highest level of service to our patients and customers.”


Full report:

MPX Comments on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s Memo re: Marijuana Enforcement