MPX Bioceuticals has recovered strongly after the Jeff Sessions induced market dip in the cannabis sector last week. The stock has seen a 29% rise in that time period going from 77 cents CAD to 99 cents CAD. Following the news that Sessions would move to rescind the Cole Memo, MPX’s CEO Scott Boyes released a statement  stating’ “For us its business as usual.  We will continue with our aggressive U.S. expansion plans.’  

Investors see a big upside in MPX’s future. The company is focused on concentrate products related to cannabis and has it’s hand in the American, Israel and Canadian markets. The US is its homebase with operations across the country in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Maryland and Massachusetts.  According to The Deep Dive, With a soon to be realized per annum capacity of 9,860,000 grams, sold at a conservative $10 USD a gram, this would give the company a rough revenue of $98.6 million USD or 122.39 million CAD per year. They currently have 3 established brands : MPX, Health4Life, and Salus BioPharma.




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