MedMen Wants To Trademark The Word ‘Cannabis’ Because It’s On Their Website

MedMen Enterprises (MMEN.C)  now wants exclusive rights to the word ‘cannabis’, because according to Daniel Yi of MedMen, the word cannabis appears on their website.

“The geometric leaf you see on our Website and other collaterals is trademarked so we are looking to extend the idea for the word ‘cannabis.’”  – MedMen spokesperson Daniel Yi, in an email to Marijuana Business Daily

MedMen moving towards any kind of trademark is ironic seeing as their name and branding was clearly stolen from the hit TV series Mad Men.

I’ll just leave this here.


MedMen fittingly took its original branding from an infamous AMC show about rich, greedy advertisers from the 1960’s. MedMen’s strategy was then to attach themselves to anything trendy in society – from The Four Seasons to the far right movement (more on that below).

MedMen once called itself The Four Seasons of Pot, then The Starbucks of Pot, then The Whole Foods Of Pot Shops, and finally settled on The Apple Inc. of Cannabis.

MedMen recently made a huge branding pivot away from The Four Seasons to shirtless hunks getting ripped in an outdoor gym next to some sort of MedMen man purse. This $4 million USD advertising campaign looks far different than any Four Seasons, Whole Foods, Starbucks or Apple ad I have ever seen.

MedMen ad campaign Source: Creativity-Online

Here is the latest copy of Four Season’s Magazine. Everyone has a shirt on.

MedMen hopes that these buff headless dudes who are not smoking weed will allow people to see themselves…smoking weed.

In April of this year MedMen launched a slightly less cringe campaign called “Forget Stoner”, an initiative to end 5,000 years of cannabis culture.

Many cannabis companies are basing their marketing campaigns around healing, spirituality, mindfulness, creativity and relaxation.

MedMen are carving out more of a blue ocean strategy.


MedMen’s North Korea-esque Paranoia

Earlier this year MedMen attempted to sue media outlet Equity Guru for half a billion dollars because they wrote some not very nice things about them. A $500,000,000 lawsuit is enough to put nearly any media company under.

As we said, North Korea-esque paranoia.

The media in North Korea is amongst the most strictly controlled in the world. The constitution nominally provides for freedom of speech and the press. However, the government prohibits the exercise of these rights in practice, unless it is in praise of the country and its government and leader. The government not only tightly controls all information coming in and out of the country, but seeks to mold information at its source.


MedMen Funds Extreme Political Group, Feels Bad

MedMen has also shown a propensity towards extremist political groups.

Lots of folks jumped on the US alt-right bandwagon a couple years ago, MedMen did not miss this opportunity either.

MedMen and MedMen Opportunity Fund donated to the far-right USA super pac ‘What A Country!’, a fund dedicated to furthering anti-immigration policy in the US. Rep. Comstock of Virginia, who received money from the super pac said, “immigrants should be tracked like Fed-Ex packages.” 

What a country!

MedMen has since regretted the donation and are actively seeking a refund, as they should; those comments are awful. We say good for MedMen for trying to get their money back! How was MedMen supposed to know this would happen? As far as we could tell, this was the first ever occasion where a Republican said something abhorrent about immigrants.

MedMen’s Adam Bierman has also had kind words for Republican Donald Trump.


For more on MedMen, check out our recent article outlining their current financial situation:


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