Warren Buffett’ net worth is upwards of 70 billion, but he just wants to be seen as a regular guy. In almost every interview or question period we have seen him do, he is always asked heading grabbing questions from journalists like :

– what was your biggest mistake?
– what do you regret most?
– if you could go back and change something what would it be?

Most people hate getting questions asked like this because it can damage their self image and ego. Warren always responds with a joke and often erupts in laughter and it usually catches the interviewer off guard because the media is so used to people being ashamed or regretful, which often leads to emotions and that’s where headlines and viral clips come from.

Warrens approach and lack of shame makes it tough for their ‘gotcha’ approach because he just acts like it’s nothing. He shrugs of all his mistakes and also has no ego wrapped up in his winners.

We never get tired of watching Warren and his humility and honesty are infectious.