“The president wants to wage a war on drugs. If that’s true, we need another D-Day “

– Joe Biden

The doddering old school conservative LARPing as a Democrat Joe Biden said that marijuana should remain illegal during a debate earlier this week. He claimed that possession of marijuana should constitute as a misdemeanor, and that marijuana should be a schedule II drug.

Critics say Biden is trying to tread a narrow path that’s acceptable to both younger voters who favor legalization and older voters who remember his years helping wage the War on Drugs.

This puts Biden out of step with much of the rest of the party, and America as a whole. Biden has continued to be a left-center politician, often not taking the side of some of the more socialist policies put forward by his party by those further left than he.

Biden is your typical establishment Democrat, positioning himself as the safe bet. Many political pundits believe he will be Trump’s opposition for 2020, and will run on a ‘I am the normal guy here’ type of campaign against a much more erratic Donald Trump. It seems like a smart strategy, Hillary Clinton definitely thought it would work.

Democratic de ja vue 

The Democrats want to go to bat again on being the safe, logical party in a time where attention spans have gone to zero, and controversy gains valuable media attention. Popular far left wing outlets like Armenian genocide denying ‘The Young Turks’, and’ Secular Talk’ have been extremely critical of the policies and strategies put forward by the establishment Democrats, stating they need to get more modern.

Biden’s drug policy does not make them more modern, it puts them in the dark ages, which to any socialist is always the present moment.

Every Democratic candidate has taken money from big pharma, but according to Open Secrets – Biden has taken the lion’s share.

Other Democrats 

Although it hasn’t been a major platform plank, de Blasio supports marijuana legalization and backed plans to permit it in New York state and New York City during his tenure as mayor.

Booker of New Jersey is another sponsor of the Senate’s Marijuana Justice Act. Booker has a long history of pushing for marijuana reform, and the former Newark mayor says the country needs to do more than just reduce criminal prosecutions.

Buttigieg has perhaps the most liberal policy position of all the candidates, calling for the decriminalization of all drugs. He argues the country needs to address the underlying reasons why people use drugs, and says counseling, not convictions, is the proper approach.

Pointing to a statement on Twitter, Castro’s campaign said he supports legalizing marijuana and expunging past criminal records: “It’s not enough just to say we want to #LegalizeIt.

Gabbard calls for decriminalizing marijuana and studying the effects of state-level legalization.

Harris of California is one of the sponsors of the Marijuana Justice Act.

In a statement, O’Rourke’s campaign noted he’s been calling for legalization for at least a decade.