There are many ways to change the conversation around a certain law, industry, idea, election etc. I think Jeff Sessions has mistakenly poured fuel on the fire of the cannabis conversation. Sessions could actually be a gift from God for those pushing for federal legalization in the US. What he is doing is shining a massive spotlight on the out of the date idea that cannabis is purely evil. The backlash he is currently facing from the opposition as well as his own party is proof that this man is on a sinking ship and may actually enable what he is setting out to destroy.

How has this happened?

Sessions is set to fight Alexis Bortel, a 12 year old girl in court who moved states so that she could take CBD oil for her seizures. Here is Alexis’s father describing her first seizure: “We were literally folding clothes, and Alexis was sleeping on the couch,” Bortell told Newsweek. “All of a sudden, I heard her make this shriek—I mean, it was a scream of terror,” he said. “I look over, and Alexis is stiff as a board, on her back, spasming.”  

This visual alone should cause even those who oppose cannabis to maybe look at the industry in a different way. Ever since William Randolph Hearst began his anti marijuana propaganda tirade over 60 years ago, many people have associated marijuana with the darker elements of daily life, especially in America.

However, a cure from epilepsy doesn’t quite fit in the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ image many associate it with. This negative sentiment around marijuana is still very much alive in certain parts of the country. But, this is about to drastically change thanks to more and more clinical research coming out around the benefits of cannabis, juxtaposed with old gargoyles like Sessions who are stuck in another era.

With cannabis legalization coming in Canada, many companies and research entities have proven the benefits of cannabis for a wide variety of health concerns. It’s no secret that a lot of this research could potentially hurt the opioid boom. This would be very bad news for certain big pharma who have a killing off of killing millions of people. The general public have been hoodwinked into believing things like Oxycontin is healthy and that cannabis is evil, even though Oxycontin kills around 100,000 people per year. That is around 20,000 more than alcohol deaths and 99,999 more than cannabis deaths.

Sessions recently went as far as saying cannabis was worse than heroin.

Heroin use is often followed by an Oxycontin addiction. Heroin is more readily available on the black market, and people don’t need to go through the medical process to get their high. It’s hard to agree with Sessions when it comes to drug policy as he sounds like he is reading a script from the reefer madness days.


Jeff Sessions has become so unpopular, so barbaric and so out of touch with what’s happening in the world. His absurdity will be a rallying point for those pushing federal legalization in the cannabis space. Those who oppose cannabis legalization for the same reasons as Sessions can look at this man as a mirror into themselves and if they have a shred of self awareness may see something disheartening. It’s time to change.

Why is this such a big deal? The general public lives in an age of headline consumption. This story has everything in it to create a massive buzz. It’s a classic tale of good vs. evil that we all love to watch and be a part of. An old man fighting a child is such an outrageous idea that even those who are apathetic about the conversation may start to pitch in.

States are falling 1 by 1 towards legalizing cannabis, could Jeff Sessions be the final nail in the coffin for federal legalization?

We will be watching this story very closely.