According to Morningstar, Invictus MD (IMH) has a price/book ratio of 1.2 which is the strongest in the Canadian cannabis sector.

This means that if the company was liquidated today, each share owner would own $1.21 in equity per share as the market price is $1.46. If we compare this figure to other healthy companies within the cannabis sector like Canopy (WEED) who currently has a ratio of 5.9, IMH looks incredibly healthy and ready to play with the big boys come legalization.

IMH hasn’t been getting the big headlines in the news or making major mergers and acquisitions or creating controversy. Their stock has not had massive jumps or generated loads of excitement for day traders like some of the other companies in the sector. But, if we dig into their financials this is a very stable company with a great asset to liability ratio and a pattern of not taking on any amount of significant debt that could hurt them moving forward. They have stayed out of the limelight and instead have been quietly managing their company with incredible efficiency.

Full financial charts from Morningstar:

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