How Big is The Cannabis Market in Southern California?

California’s cannabis entrepreneurs and investors are strongly optimistic about the growing marketing for recreational marijuana and this market is only getting bigger because of the amazing economy created by tax cuts and less job destroying regulations.

According to BDS analytics, In California, the cannabis edibles sector had $306 million in legal retail sales from March to December 2017, representing approximately 13% of all cannabis retail sales in the state

BDS Analytics also estimates that the cannabis sales in California will be just over $5 billion in 2019. CFN Media Group has gone a step further and estimated the market size to be $25 billion by 2026 if this state does not completely fall off the financial map.

Due to historical and demographic reasons, southern California is going to see disproportionate share of these sales volumes. In fact, Los Angeles, which has seen its middle class leave in droves because of anti-business policies, is a leader in the marijuana market.

Much to the chagrin of legally authorized outlets, the cannabis black market in California is larger than the legal one! This seems to be an unavoidable consequence of the daunting costs of legalization and high tax policies of this state, which include a 15% excise tax in addition to sales tax and local fees.

It is well-known that cannabis has a popular appeal across California, and more so in southern California. Even before it was legal for recreational use, cannabis was surprisingly easy to obtain in places such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Hollywood.

Prior to the legalization, comedian Ngaio Bealum had famously said, “Listen: Cali is the home of weed culture,” underscoring the fact that marijuana was de facto legal in most parts of the state already.

The state’s liberal leadership has made things easier for the cannabis consumers from time to time due to the popular sentiment attached with the subject. The state laws are now much more libertarian than other states such as Colorado and Washington.

Cannabis Culture in Los Angeles

While Los Angeles is the largest urban market for cannabis, the commercial aspect is not the only thing which sets it apart from other cities when it comes to cannabis culture.

For cannabis consumers, LA offers a variety of social and cultural opportunities but you have to be careful about the widespread gang violence in this city and the terrible public school system though this is another topic. This includes weed themed events and parties organized privately.

You can enjoy stoner comedy shows, or even choose a full blown cannabis vacation with friends. Service providers such as Ganja Goddess Getaway and Cannabliss Retreats offer vacations featuring organic food, yoga, hiking, and of course, weed.


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