HEXO Is Suing Stockhouse Users For Defamation; Are Individual Redditors, Facebook & Twitter Users Next?

Hexo (HEXO), formerly Hydropthecary is looking to go war with the internet in a big way. These wars usually never end well for the company; but maybe Hexo has a case, we do seem to be moving closer to a police state every day in Canada.

The company is moving to sue a number of Stockhouse users for posting not-so-nice things about the company and its management. If HEXO wins this case, does that open up the door to suing individuals on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc. from posting about companies?


From Lapresse law-firm:

(translated from French to English)

Vincent Chiara, a real estate magnate out of Quebec who also sits on the board of the legal cannabis manufacturer Hexo, desires to know the identity of people who publish financial information under the aliases”Maltik4005″,”QuickKash” and” birdie64″, in order to pursue them in defamation.

Within an application filed in the Superior Court, Mr. Chiara stated he was informed that these three consumers were making slanderous comments about him about the Stockhouse discussion forum, a site specialized in financial information that invites investors to talk about stock exchange investments. .

The comments were made in early January in a section of the forum devoted to discussions on Hexo.

“I’d concentrate on their illegal financing if I were to attack them,” wrote Maltik4005 about the company, which provides the SQDC using cannabis and whose stocks are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“Vincent Chiara is a facade for the Rizzuto family (Italian mafia) and the present evaluation of the RCMP and the provincial authorities on their illegal financing is the key reason not to touch Hexo”, continued the surfer, protected behind his pseudonym.

“He owns the building where Rizzuto worked an illegal gambling house,” added QuickKash, about Mr. Chiara.

“The word is happening, they are for sale! The dilemma is that no one wants to dance, one of those council members is a member of this Rizzuto (mafia) clan, nobody wants to touch them. Health Canada knows this, the RCMP knows it,”birdie64 included in his investigation of Hexo’s situation.


“A straightforward reading of these publications clearly proves that the opinions they feature are defamatory and that they connect the plaintiff Chiara and thus the complainant Groupe Mach to a key and illegal association, the mafia Rizzuto,” claims that the motion filed in court by Vincent Chiara along with his property company, Mach Group.

The applicants point out thatin another case, the court has found that comparable words on the other website constitute defamation.

The Stockhouse site removed the disputed opinions in the users targeted by the petition and briefly suspended their access to the forum. In addition, he offered the email addresses associated with the 3 pseudonyms concerned and the IP addresses where they printed their messages.

They are now asking the court to induce those six ISPs to reveal the actual identity of the 3 users.

“The plaintiffs are sure that there’s no other way by which they could identify anonymous users and so exercise their rights at a potential lawsuit for damages to the standing,” states the request.

No date has been set to hear the case.

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