Harvest One is outperforming nearly everyone at the moment, and for good reason. In yesterday’s sector wide dip HVST recovered with tremendous strength. With massive amounts of growth potential and expansion plans (as seen below) HVST is gaining a lot of support within the cannabis investing community.

Harvest One had a very solid 2017, but there is still tons of room to grow. HVST went public in March of 2017 at 76 cents a share and is up to $1.78 currently. HVST holds United Greeneries and Satipharm. HVST has a 6.0 price/book ratio meaning the market price is not overly inflated and investors will get a healthy amount of equity with each share they own. They also have no long term debt as an added bonus.

HVST is also expanding as they recently secured a land deal for just under $1M to grow cannabis outdoors in British Columbia. United Greeneries is also set to expand by 35,000kg per year by 2018.


Below is Vancouver’s Harvest One’s (HVST) new corporate presentation. Information in this document includes their future expansion plans, their current Lucky Lake and Duncan, BC facilities, their worldwide reach, clinical trials,  and what they are currently testing in their labs.