Greenpoint, a subsidiary of Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCMKTS:GLDFF) has announced this company’s latest activities in the state of Nevada. It is about the unveiling of a number of cannabis concentrate product lines in the state.

The Nevada cannabis market has been experiencing immense growth lately as the wave of Cannabis legalization continues sweeping across many states around the globe.

A close outlook into the matter

A large number of retailers have reaped a great deal from the adult-use sales and are hoping for even better times ahead. Anytime soon we might be witnessing sales outperforming the industry estimates by quite a significant margin.

By July, we might be witnessing tax revenues rising to hit the $120M mark. That is according to recent reports unveiled by the Department of Taxation of Nevada. The Nevada operations are resulting in a lot of good for Golden Leaf.

For instance, it has gotten to the point of managing to sell its wide range of products in quite a significant number of dispensaries within the state. This company has revealed plans to make further investments in production infrastructure and remains hopeful that will move along way helping boost its market share.

The turn of events

This company’s product launch will be rather elaborate in nature. Its spokesperson has disclosed that they will be bringing to market Golden Tinctures which will be featured in Strawberry, Mint, Cherry, and Orange flavors.

The CEO of Golden Leaf William Simpson is quite passionate about the large number of Cannabis consumers and advocates they get real value for money. One of the best ways to ensure that according to him is by providing them with the safest Cannabis products.

Production Greenpoint serves as a leeway for this business giant to move its production and proprietary methods in to the state. The wide range of innovative products will be sold to consumers through trusted dispensaries within the state.

The company is also pleased to provide updates regarding one of its subsidiaries based in Canada called Medical Marijuana Group. According to it, this subsidiary has made great progress lately and that has been attributed to its hard work and the obtaining of a cultivation license.