Future Farm (FFT.C) Suspended By CSE

Today it was announced that Future Farm Technologies Inc. is in default of CSE requirements. Effective immediately, Future Farm Technologies has been suspended pursuant to CSE Policy 3. The company is being penalized for late financials.

From the CSE regarding suspensions:

3. Suspensions

3.1 The Exchange will automatically and without any prior notice suspend from qualification for listing a Listed Issuer’s securities if, at any time, the Listed Issuer fails to meet any of the requirements for continued qualification for listing; or the Exchange considers it in the public interest to do so.

3.2 If a Listed Issuer which has had its securities suspended from qualification for listing pursuant to this Policy 3 or otherwise has, within 90 days from the date of such suspension, cured the default or breach that gave rise to the suspension and paid the requalification fee set out in fee schedule of the Exchange, the CNSX Issuer’s securities will automatically requalify for listing.

3.3 Throughout the period during which a Listed Issuer’s securities are suspended, the Trading System will not allow quotation or trading by Dealers in the securities of the Listed Issuer; the Exchange website will indicate that the Issuer’s securities have been suspended. Dealers may quote or trade the securities of the Listed Issuer on other marketplaces or over-the-counter unless prohibited under securities legislation or UMIR.

3.4 Throughout the period during which a Listed Issuer’s securities are suspended, the Listed Issuer must continue to comply with all applicable Exchange Requirements.



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