FDA Schedules First Public Hearing Next Month To Discuss CBD Edibles

The FDA Food and Drug Administration has established its first public hearing legalizing CBD in food and beverages,. The hearing is set to occur on May 31.

The bureau wants data on CBD’s safety in food products and opinions about how it might regulate manufacturing, advertising and labeling, based on a note submitted Tuesday from the Federal Register.

Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb named Primary Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy and Principal Associate Commissioner for Policy Lowell Schiller into co-chair a high tech working team tasked with evaluating the issue.

“It’s essential that we address those unanswered questions about CBD and other cannabis along with cannabis-derived goods to help notify the FDA’s regulatory oversight of these products — especially as the agency considers whether it might be appropriate to exercise its own authority to permit the use of CBD in dietary supplements and other foods,” Gottlieb said in a statement Tuesday.

“The FDA is still worried about the proliferation of egregious health claims being made about products asserting to comprise CBD that haven’t been accepted by the FDA, like the products and companies getting warning letters now,” Gottlieb said.

Ultra Pure President CJ Montgomery within an email to CNBC said that compared with”many other CBD-related firms making over-the-top health asserts,” the language his firm used was”quite minor.” He said that the company eliminated the language”from an abundance of caution” but is”still trying confirmation from the FDA on the few remaining problems”

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