SEDAR and SEDI may be three of the worst designed sites on the internet, but they are crucial. This piece will focus mostly on SEDAR and how to find information on Canadian public companies.

Investor decks and press releases are useful, but these are carefully crafted marketing materials that companies use to put the absolute best sales pitch together. To dig deeper into what’s actually going on, a company’s MD&A and Financial reports are far more important. These are found on SEDAR. Whenever an a company insider sells stock, it will be recorded on SEDI.

Finding a company’s MD&A on SEDAR

MD&A’s (Management’s Discussion & Analysis) are documents usually 20-30 pages outlining an entire companies assets, liabilities, background, issues, highlights, financial statements etc. It’s a boring document on the surface compared to an investor deck, but it is rich in information.

The process is simple, but with the design of the site there are 6 steps to get to the document.

Finding a company’s MD&A on SEDAR:


Finding Inside Selling on SEDI