Emerald Health (EMH) out of Victoria, BC (described as ‘Some of the world’s premier researchers in cannabis and cannabinoid science are leading Research and Development Programs that support Emerald Health Sciences’ investment’) saw a tough week through Monday- Thursday. This was expected as the stock has seen immense growth over the past 30 days going from $2.55 to $5.00.

Earlier this week the stock fell to $3.84 on Friday morning only to shoot back up to $5.00 later in the afternoon. This was a great recovery from the bulls as a spike in volume before the closing bell generated excitement around the stock. For those invested in EMH, there could not have been a better way to close off a frightening week.

This momentum is most likely to carry over into next week after the Holiday break and for investors they can hope that the stock will keep gaining more and more momentum as legalization looms closer and closer.


From Emerald Health’s website:

‘Emerald Health Sciences’ rapid growth is testament to the ability of its leadership to create value by leveraging long-standing relationships and experience to attract expertise and accumulate assets that support its vision.’