Doja Cannabis out of Kelowna, British Columbia has something really special. Saxx Underwear and Kitsch Wines founder Trent Kitsch has created a lifestyle brand around cannabis that mirrors a higher end lifestyle while not forgetting its outdoorsy and hip west coast roots. DOJA’s packaging and branding are something every household would be happy to display in their house or on their body in the form of clothes. DOJA has also opened up a Cannabis cafe in downtown Kelowna that is sure to be a hotspot for locals as well as a place for tourists to go. Kelowna gets a huge influx of tourists around the summer season because of its wineries, warm weather and beautiful lakes. The Okanagan has also been a region famous for its ability to grow cannabis.DOJA seems to be in a perfect spot to be successful moving forward in the cannabis industry as they have positioned themselves as unique.

From DOJA‘s website (regarding the cafe) ‘Born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life, we believe that producing our best quality product is galvanized by working among friends, family and community. But sometimes we need a bubble within our community to get that work done. As such, we have spaces available to privately reserve where you can do that. Spaces are available for working privately on your own all the way up to rousing Christmas bashes. Get in touch below to find out more about hosting a party.’