Is It Goodnight, Sweet TGOD?

If there's one company who got a free ride on the cannabis hype wave of the past 18 months, it's been The Green Organic Dutchman . These guys have managed to raise $336 million dollars with zero revenue and have had their stock shoot up to $10.24 after a $3.65 IPO six months prior. But, easy come,...

Who Is the Next iAnthus?

iAnthus Capital (IAN.C) has arguably the most attractive 12 month chart in the entire cannabis industry. They have accomplished this by choosing a multitstate approach business model. iAnthus is a vertically integrated company that plants, grows and sells their products with an array of licenses and dispensaries across the US. One of the main reasons a multi...

Why The Crypto/Cannabis Break Up Is Only Temporary

Why The Crypto/Cannabis Break Up Is Only Temporary

Last year Paragon Coin, headed by the former Miss Iowa Jessica Versteeg teamed up with infamous rapper The Game to raise over $37 million dollars on a cannabis/crypto ICO which ended up being one of the biggest scams in the space. Paragon’s white paper vaguely laid out how they would use blockchain technology to track cannabis products from...

A Brief Snapshot of Day 1 of Cannabis Legalization

Canadians came out in droves on October 17th for the first day of legal cannabis in Canada. Although the weed market was down on Wednesday, consumers were lined up around the country to get their first taste of legal cannabis. Here is a quick look at 5 of the Canadian provinces on day 1 of cannabis legalization.

How Public Companies Plan on Removing the Stigma Around Cannabis

Retail cannabis is a serious business. This $55 billion industry is potentially bigger than video games, firearms, and even McDonald’s and Netflix. Despite cannabis stocks making millionaires like the Wolf of Weed Street, the industry still carries a stigma among some circles. Thanks to cult icons like Cheech & Chong and Reefer Madness, hippie potheads with tacky...

Top 6 Things We Learned At Cambridge House’s Extraordinary Futures Event

Top 6 Things We Learned At Cambridge House’s Extraordinary Futures Event

Last week Cambridge House hosted its annual Extraordinary Future event at Canada Place in Vancouver, Canada.  Cambridge defines the event as: ‘Driving innovation in Canada by connecting companies with capital. Extraordinary Future is the cornerstone event showcasing Canadian technology.’ From esports, blockchain, cannabis, VR, crypto, quantum computers, cyber-security, electric cars, drones, 3D printing, nearly every base was covered for...

Today Was A Strange Day In the Cannabis Sector

At different points of the day, two cannabis stocks: Tilray and Australis were both halted and both saw ridiculous highs and lows. For Tilray, we wrote a piece outlining its low float share structure where one man owns around 75 million of the 90 million shares out, using supply and demand in the companies favour. Australis on...

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