Why Most Financial Media Is So Awful & Boring

Why Most Financial Media Is So Awful & Boring

Jibberish Investing cashflow in your 401K for the near term upside of a hedgefund and options trading for the dividend cup and handle formation and the bears convertible debentures commodities vertically integrated warrant offering for the roth RIA at 10% is locked into the EBIDTA of a  junior company's index fund  for the net profit margin and...

Wayland Hostage Crisis: Day 50

Wayland Hostage Crisis: Day 50

Everyone's got a bag A couple months back I was sitting barefoot in a hut in Mexico eating squid tacos when I got a call from the guys over at Equity Guru regarding this whole Wayland (WAYL) situation. I took the call and we compared notes about what has gone down recently. We have gone in pretty...

Timing Is the Main Reason People Lose Money In Stocks

The house always wins. The stock market is not a casino, but the process was not designed for smaller retail investors to get rich. It was built for the founders and people who got in early to take the gains on the backs of laggards buying on the hype of an upswing.  This is part of the...

New York Stock Exchange

Private Placements – The Golden Goose of Investing

The average investor doesn't know about private placements. Everyone has heard of initial public offerings (IPO's) and Angel investors but private placements are often overlooked. In the age of digital brokers, online trading software and social media guru's toting the best stock picks money can't buy, it's easy to understand why. Investor's attention is drawn to volatile...

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