How Public Companies Plan on Removing the Stigma Around Cannabis

Retail cannabis is a serious business. This $55 billion industry is potentially bigger than video games, firearms, and even McDonald’s and Netflix. Despite cannabis stocks making millionaires like the Wolf of Weed Street, the industry still carries a stigma among some circles. Thanks to cult icons like Cheech & Chong and Reefer Madness, hippie potheads with tacky...

The Cannabis IPO Craze: Canopy Rivers vs. Australis

Last week the cannabis industry saw two very similar IPO's that both generated a lot of hype. Top cannabis dogs brought their investment arms public last week; Canopy (WEED.T) through Canopy Rivers (RIV.T), and Aurora (ACB.T) through Australis. (AUSA.C). In the era of the Tilray, TGOD and Charlotte's Web IPO's, cannabis companies going public that have promotion...

Today Was A Strange Day In the Cannabis Sector

At different points of the day, two cannabis stocks: Tilray and Australis were both halted and both saw ridiculous highs and lows. For Tilray, we wrote a piece outlining its low float share structure where one man owns around 75 million of the 90 million shares out, using supply and demand in the companies favour. Australis on...

Why BAM is Still Undervalued, Even After a +96.9% Month

Yesterday we wrote a piece outlining how Ohio,  America's 7th most populated state was moving towards legalization of recreational cannabis. Since 2016 the state has implemented a medical marijuana program, issued dispensary, processing and production licenses and is set to vote in Q4 of 2019 for full the legalization of cannabis.

Fundamental Hype: Canopy Rivers To IPO This Week

Canopy Rivers (RIV) is the venture arm of Canopy Growth (WEED.T) set to go public this week. The IPO price back in June was $3.50. But, based on market changes since then, on opening day, it could be as high as $5.00. Many investors will be lined up aftering watching what happened recently after the Tilray (TLRY.Q), Charlott'es...

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