Long after we are all deceased, Cannabis Wheaton (CBW) will still be receiving cannabis from Abcann (ABCN). According to this document provided by Cannabis Wheaton, CBW owns 50% of Abcann’s (ABCN) cannabis production yields for the next 99 years. In exchange for this, CBW will invest 55 million CAD between 2017 and 2019. CBW expects to see 8,000 kg’s per year from ABCN, part of their expected 230,000 kg’s per year, making them larger than any LP in Canada.

This makes CBW a unique investment opportunity as investors can essentially own parts of companies when buying CBW’s stock, including a major portion of Abcann who has looked promising so far.

Cannabis Wheaton offers a wide variety of services for emerging cannabis companies. This includes  branding, construction, consulting, licensing and legal affairs. Each deal is structured differently, and there are 3 examples in the document provided by CBW.


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