In 2017, MedMen took around $150 million in private equity financing, permitting it to expand to seven retail shop in California, and Nevada. The California-based dispensary MedMen confirmed Tuesday they’ll start a 10,000 square-foot retail area to get qualified medical cannabis patients located at 433 Fifth Ave., near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.MedMen Manhattan will serve the nation’s little patient base of 49,780. That is versus tens of thousands of goods within an typical California dispensary, where roughly 23 million adults 21 age and above can walk in.

New York includes a small, closely controlled medical marijuana program, watchers say. State law prohibits smoking dried, treated blossom buds, the most frequent and inexpensive route of government. Patients may still purchase dried, treated blossom buds and violate state law by smoking them. In 2016, dispensaries started, but shelves seemed bare and patients were few and far between. In 2017, country regulators loosened rules to permit patients to purchase lotions, stains, chewable pills and lozenges.

State regulators permit as many as five businesses to start around 20 dispensaries — producing the potential for large scale growth in the industry. This is a big step towards moving cannabis forward in New York.