Which Company Will Have The Most Cannabis? This May Surprise You

From a projected production amount of cannabis the largest holder of Cannabis may not be a grower and they are not one of the big 3 (Aurora, Canopy, Aphria). Through SEDAR research, we have worked with the Cannabis Wheaton Investor Facebook Group to produce this article detailing the specifics behind Cannabis Wheaton’s massive operation.

Here’s the breakdown:

Cannabis Wheaton’s streaming partners (and the supply amounts for each respective agreement) (in kg’s)

Abcann ON SA BIA Sales Licence 8,000 10% 50% of proceeds from 50k sqft exp. after current 100k sqft expansion is complete
Aphria ON SA BIA Cult. & Sales 15,000 Until 2022 – 60000kg over 4 yrs. for export
Artiva ON SA BIA Pre-Affirmation 17,800 20% 33% of cultivation at cost + 10% for 10 years. Right of first refusal for future expansion.
Beleave ON SA BIA Cult. Licence 15,000 49% 50% proceeds of 200,000 sqft joint venture named ‘Newco’
CannabisCo. (IDP Group & HMT Solutions) ON BSA/SA DA Early Stage 22,500 Nestle Building – kg based on 300,000 sqft build out
Robinson’s Cannabis NS SA BIA Affirmation 10,400 18.3% formerly Cannahort Agriculture
CannTx Life Sciences ON SA DA Affirmation 1,980 16% 33% of all cannabis for 10 yrs. For Phase 1 and Phase 2 build out…total 24000sqft.
Curative Cannabis ON SA BIA Pre-Affirmation 15,000 46% Initial footprint of 30,000 sqft with additional facility of 120,000sq.ft.
FV Pharma-Century Financial Capital Group Inc. ON JV DA Cult. Licence 200,000 49.9% Kraft Building – 620,000 sqft – new name ‘Cannabis ConneXion Corp’
Great White North Growers QC SA DA Affirmation 8,300 17.6%
GreenhouseCo – Peter Quring ON JV DA Pre-Affirmation 162,000 45% 4.2 m sqft of greenhouses in Leamington..360,000kg production total after Phase 3
Green Relief ON SA BIA Cult. & Sales 115,500 24.5% In active discussion regarding their facility expansion
Level Ten ON SA BIA Pre-Affirmation 8,100 20% 30% perpetual stream of cannabis cultivated in Phase 1 – 278,000sqft
Lotus Ventures BC SA DA Active Review 6,000 15.6% 50% of all cannabis proceeds for 10 yrs. and right of first refusal for expansion projects
Plan C BioPharm BC SA DA Affirmation 7,000 49%
Kolab Project – RockGarden Medicinals ON SA DA Cult. Licence 2,080 100% Online Medical distribution with application for Export Licence
Sustainable Growth Strategy Capital – SGSC ON BSA/SA DA Pre-Licence 5,500 30% perpetual stream of cannabis from initial 145,000 sqft build out


Total: 620,160 kg’s


Cannabis Wheaton also has several distribution channels in place for its large supply.

Independent Pharmacy Group Alliance – Sept 20, ’17 Exclusive Distribution Alliance 40 independent pharmacies for 10 yrs.
Convenience Store Group – Oct. 16, 2017 Exclusive Strategic Alliance 350 conv. stores exclusively for 10 yrs. Physical or online distr. of any form of cannabis
Kolab Project – Jan 15, 2018 Fully-owned subsidiary Established to offer monthly subscription platform to authorized medical patients
Navisent Inc. – Jan 17, 2018 Fully-owned subsidiary Established for distribution to federally legal international jurisdictions
Inner Spirit Holdings Inc. – Feb 7, 2017 Strategic Alliance Agreement 18.5% Over 100 franchise agreements – rights to 50% of the dispensary chains shelf space
National Access Cannabis Corp. – Feb 16, 2018 To be determined Lic. in Manitoba to operate retail stores, intends to deepen relationship with CBW
Province Brands of Canada – March 15, 2018 Strategic Alliance Agreement 10% Research, development and commercialization of cannabis-based beverages. 3 years auto. renewed for 1-year periods unless mutually terminated


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