Cambridge House’s New Video Of Rex Murphy Slamming Justin Trudeau Over the Resource Sector Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

Former CBC broadcaster Rex Murphy took to the stage last month at Cambridge Houses’s Vancouver International Resources Conference (VIRC) event to give an overview of how Prime Minister Trudeau has failed the resource sector in Canada. The video has racked up 121,000 views in its first couple weeks on YouTube.

Talks and speeches at conferences can often be dull and repetitive. Or, the case of CEO of an x company saying x resource will be huge because Apple & Tesla are getting on board with it.

They could be right, we have heard it all before.

Murphy took a much different angle and let it spill in a very charismatic and natural way with zero punches pulled. In our politically correct society where everyone is afraid to say anything, this was a very honest and refreshing perspective. In the talk he referred to his former employer The CBC as ‘PC’ (politically correct).

In 2019 main stream media is trying to conform to what’s happening in society, and while they can’t keep up with tech, innovation or digital marketing trends, they can keep up with PC garbage and outrage porn, which is what the mainstream media is today. Maybe it’s always been this way, but, now more than ever it is about outrage and brownie points. Although, with recent major cutbacks and layoffs from outlets like Buzzfeed & VICE, this could be changing.

If the landscape is changing, The CBC is sure to react and follow suit in 2023.

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