Let’s start off with some points about the deal.

  • Aphria owns 50% of CannInvest. LINK
  • The other 50% is owned by Lesotho Businessman Sam Matekane LINK
  • CannInvest owns 60% of VERVE DYNAMICS through a joint partnership.
  • VERVE Dynamics holds the license to grow/extract medical/research cannabis.

Ok, so what is do we know about Verve Dynamics…

  • Verve received the FIRST license in Africa to grow medical/research marijuana. PROOF
  • VERVE is already in the business of botanical extracts.
  • VERVE already has a few products WEBSITE that you can buy!
  • They offer an array of services from Nutraceuticals to Extracts to R&D
  • Organic Certified as of 2018
  • Ambitions to expand to other countries in Africa PROOF

What do we know about Sam Matekane?

  • He is the richest businessman in the Country of Lesotho
  • Owner of Matekane Group of Companies ABOUT US
  • Matekane group owns and Airline. AIRLINE
  • They also own a boutique hotel. HOTEL
  • And a construction/development company. REAL ESTATE

Opportunities in Africa???

  • Lesotho has legalized Cultivation and Exportation of medical cannabis.
  • South Africa and Zimbabwe may be close to legalization.
  • The combined populations are 61 million people as of 2017.
  • The population of the African Contenant is 1,100,000,000 (1.1 billion)

Why is this good for Aphria?

  • Instant access to construction capabilities via Sam Matekane
  • Instant access to extraction facilities via VERVE Dynamics
  • Instant access to a Cultivation/Export License via VERVE Dynamics
  • Access to a cheaper labor force
  • Instant access to an airline, capable of shipping extracts Internationally
  • Favorable First Mover Positioning in Africa
  • Connection with the wealthiest businessman in Lesotho (soon to be Africa!)
  • Instant GMP & ORGANIC Certification
  • African Branding Opportunities