Jamaica Is Diggin’ Aphria’s Marigold

Readers may recognize this yellow Jamaican house from the infamous Aphria short campaign that took place last December. In December the place was empty, but now it is full of Jamaicans enjoying cannabis products.

We wrote a story last year outlining how a few different subreddit’s joined forces to do some investigative journalism and IR that the company itself wasn’t interested in doing for some reason.


According to The Jamaican Observer,

In his address Minister of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture Audley Shaw commended Tomlinson on his vision to become a part of Jamaica’s quest for economic growth. “What is even more commendable is the partnership that Margold has with large players in the international cannabis industry, such as Aphria Inc, the third-largest cannabis entity in Canada, which attests to the level of interest and high esteem in which investors hold Jamaica’s burgeoning cannabis industry,” said the minister.

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