It’s no secret that Aphria is looking to expand, acquire assets and rapidly develop its company. Speculation has started that suggests some believe Aphria is looking to acquire Maricann. Maricann has had a rough year to say the least, CEO Ben Ward has been focusing on damage control and the stock has not come close to rebounding to its previous ATH earlier this year. Maricann has been a PR disaster with a myriad of problematic practices. When discussing Maricann’s recent insider trading investigation, Ward even went as far as saying his interview with Stockhouse, “We are also of the opinion this may have also served another hidden agenda, which was to allow one of our competitors to engage in an attempted takeover bid for Maricann, thereby trying to acquire the company on the cheap.”

There are some distinct parallels and connections between the two companies, a Reddit user went on a fascinating and deep dive below:

“I am writing this in hope of finding some more details.

I was digging through Aphria filings, and ended up in a different direction because I noticed names tied to Maricann.

The two names I found tied up in Aphria filings were Paul Pathak (the now interim Chairman of Maricann), also David Danzinger from MNP (the new Auditor for Maricann announced last month).

It was the article that I am sure you all can remember regarding Ben Ward saying that someone/something is looking to take over Maricann being one of the reasons for the botched deal. It was also Paul Pathak the interim chairman who came out and nullified the statement.

Lets start with Paul Pathak. He has connections dating back many years to the company who brought Aphria public. Delavaco Group. Paul Pathak was a senior director for a firm by the name of Fareport Capital Inc. This was in the early 2000’s.

Now the significance of Fareport Capital Inc, is that this is where the relationship begins with Delavaco (the number one firm Aphria uses for mergers and acquisitions). Fareport Capital was run by Andy Defrancesco from Delavaco. Now if you dont know about Delavaco they have been apart of Aphria deals since Aphrias inception. Delavaco was also apart of LHS, Nuuvera, SCYB. All these aphria connections were brought by Delavaco.

So here is where things get a little interesting. Paul Pathak through his company Aumento Capital V Corporation formed WEEDMD. There are a few Aumento Capital corps run by Pathak and a man by the name of David Danziger. Mr. Danzinger ceased being an insider of WEEDMD December 01 2017. Paul Pathak still remains an insider of WEEDMD.

WEEDMD was then in turn gobbled up by Hiku early this year. Aphria is an investor in Hiku.

Now in regards to David Danzinger and why he stuck out to me as being a key piece is that he is Senior Vice President, Assurance & National Leader, Public Companies at MNP LLC Now for those of you who noticed last month. Maricann booted EY and Hired MNP LLC as their auditor. Is this a coincidence?

Mr. Pathak, and Mr. Danzinger work hand in hand at Aumento. Why was Mr. Pathak added as chairman to Maricann? Why was MNP hired as the new auditor? Why did Ben Ward say that someone was attempting to take over Maricann? Two of the underwriters of the botched deal (Clarus, and Cannacord) have close ties to both Delavaco (aphria), and Aumento.

It also appears a man by the name of Roger Daher is along for these rides. (an insider at WEEDMD). Roger also appears to own 6 pharmasave pharmacies

I wanted to write this, in hope of others being able to shine some light on areas. Ill add more as I go along.

Fareport Capital Sedi – (where the connection begins)

WEEDMD (Aumento) –

Aumento insiders –

David Danzinger – May 25, 2018 British Columbia Securities Commission Alberta Securities Commission Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan Ontario Securities Commission Financial and Consumer Services Commission (New Brunswick) . Dear Sir/Madam: As required by section 4.11 of National Instrument 51-102, we have read the change of auditor notice of Maricann Group Inc. dated May 16, 2018″

I will talk more about Aphria’s recent plans for expansion which may include acquisitions. But first, here is why Aphria going after Maricann doesn’t make sense, Germany – (Maricann’s main differentiator is their position in Germany).

Aphria In Germany:

NUU Germany Storage and Packaging Facility – 11,300 square-foot property in Bad Bramstedt – expected to meet the most stringent requirements for the storage of controlled substances in Germany and the EU – Storage Facility to be completed and operations Q2-2018 – Packaging Facility will also contain a GMP certified packaging and processing facility, allowing Nuuvera to prepare bulk material shipped from Canada to Germany.

NUU Shortlisted for German Licence one of 10 remaining companies from an original pool of over 100. – Given Aphria’s track record for Purity and Quality, as well as Dealers License, Id say they have an extremely good shot at getting a license. They are creating jobs in the country, and have physical property already.

CC Pharma, 13,000 pharmacy Distribution Network

As a comparison – Auroras German company Pedanios supplies 1500 Pharmacies at last count. 

Aquired 25.1% stake in Berlin based Shoneberg Hospital – Cost of €1.2M – The first step in Deutschland’s plans to build and operate pain treatment centers throughout German – Deutschland is also participating in the German tender process for in-country cultivation and maintains an existing supply agreement with one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies with access to over 13,000 pharmacies in Germany.

Just this week Aphria Inc. announced it’s raising $225 million to pay for new and expanded cannabis facilities in Canada, as well as potential global expansion and acquisitions. The Leamington, Ont.-based cannabis producer says some of the funds will go towards a new $55 million extraction facility that will use a variety of methods to produce concentrated cannabis products like oils. The company says it will raise the money through the sale of 19 million shares at $11.85 each. The financing is being led by Clarus Securities Inc. Aphria’s share price closed up 63 cents or 5.18 per cent at $12.79 after announcing the facilities expansions.