APHA Stock Recovering After r/weedstocks Engaged r/jamaica to Get On the Ground Photos Proving Aphria’s Legitimacy

The internet has made it difficult to get away with tomfoolery,  those behind the recent Aphria (APHA) short are finding this out rather quickly. Online communities via Reddit quickly started collaborating to find out if the research behind the short was legitimate.

What they uncovered was not only interesting, but rather effortless in that some of what was said in the research report was easily refuted by a small amount of digging.


Colcanna, one of the companies in question in the Quintessential Capital (QSM) /Hindenburg research fiasco involving the Aphria short released a new video today showcasing the company and its assets.

The video looks like a very different story from the one portrayed by QSM.

Justice Via Reddit

Last week Redditors from r/weedstocks uncovered some interesting things about the Marigold dispensary in Jamaica. r/weedstocks engaged with r/jamaica to got some boots on the ground in Jamaica to check things out.

They found that the Marigold dispensary was a mere 50 feet from the abandoned building that QSM used as its feature image in the research report.

Marigold dispensary, src: r/jamaica

As well as the Sensi Medical House:

src: r/jamaica

According to @GoBlueCdn, an admin of The Cannalysts found out that:

To date, marigold has harvested approximately 3000kg (which is more than cannimed produced annually when it was purchased for over a billion dollars by aurora cannabis….) Why are all these things important? It highlights the motives, and deception taking place in the report. These guys aren’t there to expose a company, they are there to exploit a company and to make as much money as possible essentially stealing from panicked investors. It’s really disgusting.

They CLAIMED marigold didn’t exist, and falsely with intention presented a very skewed presentation that made marigold appear not to exist. Well it does, and that is why these pictures are important.

Also, Haywood securities estimates (using VERY conservative low ball numbers, much much lower than aurora and canopy + other large LPs) that Aphria’s price with a 15x EBITDA to be 14-18$ a share based on Canadian assets alone. The other LP’s are trading at MUCH MUCH higher ebitda multiples.


According to the Windsor Star, Aphria will be releasing a line by line rebuttal to the QSM research. The piece states:

“You will find all of the 20-some allegations, line-by-line, point-by-point with pictures — real pictures, truthful pictures — on what we have called LATAM asset acquisition,” Neufeld told the Star on Friday. “Every point will be very informative and will shed the real light on the story.”

He said that rebuttal will likely be released Wednesday. Aphria announced Thursday it had appointed an independent committee to review the company’s recent acquisition of its Latin American holdings and confirm it was on the level.

Aphria’s stock has also been gaining back momentum lately as more and more information about the legitimacy of Aphria’s LATAM operations.

We will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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