Acreage Holdings Board Member To Take On Trump In 2020

Current Acreage Holdings (ACRG) board member and Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he is starting a presidential exploratory committee to operate in 2020 as a Republican. Acreage Holdings is one of the bigger names in US cannabis right now, the companies operate 16 dispensaries and have licenses for 78 dispensaries in 18 states.

“I expect to find that the Republican Party suppose once more the mantle of being the party of Lincoln. It disturbs us our energies as a society have been sapped from the President’s culture of divisiveness in Washington,” he said Friday at New Hampshire, including later,”Due to the numerous concernsI’ve talked about now, I have created an exploratory committee… as a Republican at the 2020 election”

Weld will face an uphill struggle in his attempts to shoot down Trump. History indicates that presidents generally just face serious main challenges when their approval score in their particular party is at 75 percent or under. Trump is now far over this threshold.
Trump recently scored an 89 percent approval rating among Republicans nationwide in a Gallup survey . In New Hampshire, in which Weld is anticipated to base a lot of his effort effort, Trump revealed a likewise ardently 83% approval rating with Republicans at a late October University of New Hampshire survey .

“The reality is that we have wasted an enormous quantity of time by humoring that particular President, indulging him into his own narcissism and his hurtful ridiculous behaviors,” Weld said Friday, saying Republicans in Washington series “the signs of Stockholm syndrome”
He also added,”The problem isn’t yet impossible, but we do want a mid-course correction”.

Weld has had a distinctive political route. He functioned as a two-term Massachusetts governor through the early 1990s and afterwards lost the 1996 US Senate race in Massachusetts against John Kerry. Weld withdrew his title after he had been obstructed by then-chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Jesse Helms, R-North Carolina, by becoming a Senate nomination hearing.

He had been Mitt Romney’s co-chair at New York when Romney ran for president in 2008.
And despite this, Weld vouched for Hillary Clinton, even saying at one stage he is”not convinced anyone is more capable” than her to be president.

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