About Us

High Energy Trading is focused on providing news, editorials and important financial analysis specifically for the cannabis stock sector. We are located in Vancouver, Canada and primarily focus on the Canadian markets. We are dedicated to providing high quality content that is not only information rich, but also engaging and interesting.

Cannabis is the fastest growing sector in Canada as legalization date approaches. Interest for the industry is starting to bloom into the mainstream as more and more people are being drawn into the industry as an investment opportunity.

This is your place to stay up to date on all things cannabis investing. We look forward to connecting with all of you, and let’s ride the green rush !

With these rapidly emerging sectors, quality information has become muddied and there is a need for content which is both entertaining and transparent.

High Energy Trading was built to fill the void of quality, fact based and engaging news in the investing space.

Our vision is a world where factual information flows freely and the civil right of self determination is respected. To accomplish this independent media is required to provide the medium for that flow and communication.

High Energy Trading’s mission is to facilitate that by being the source of trusted media in the investing world.