A Look Into How Cannabis Companies Move Weed Across the Nation

Cannabis companies face numerous challenges in growing their businesses. One big concern is transporting weedfrom the production facility to dispensaries. It presents both a security and financial risk. Besides, weed entrepreneurs cannot employ mainstream courier services in shipping illegal commodities. The answer is for these enterprises to formulate their transport administration systems.

Finding Solutions in the USA

Look for independent startups. Small transport firms will surely take advantage of this cash-only but lucrative business opportunity. However, this can turn out to be a delicate issue. Eight American states as well as the District of Columbia have legalized the use of adult pot. Yet, the Department of Transportation still regulates the trucking industry. However, there is some good news for marijuana growers as some companies are offering dedicated transportation services in states where cannabis is legal.

One such firm is CannaGuard based in Portland. This enterprise secured a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. It also maintains a storage facility with 24/7 protection with armed security guards, security cameras for monitoring, and automated access control. In transporting weed, CannaGuard provides armed transport along with insurance coverage for all products and assets.

Another transport provider is California-based HARDCAR.  It realizes the combination of transport and security as crucial to the safety of marijuana product and cash distribution. HARDCAR is acknowledged as the biggest armored distribution firm in this industry. It introduced the very first temperature-regulated armored transport vehicle. The Frozen in Transit vans operate in California State for moving recreational marijuana merchandise.

CORE Security Solutions also delivers security and transport service in the Bay Area for local marijuana dispensaries. This provider operates across California employing licensed security personnel. Its transport vehicle utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and secure storage.

Helix TCS acquired Security Grade Protective Services LLC recently. The move solidified the position of Helix in the cannabis security sector. At the same time, it emphasized the importance of weed moving and security. Cannabis firms must not limit their focus on transportation. Industry players also need sophisticated security systems and surveillance to prevent pilferage.

Canadian Firms Address Transport Concerns

Canadian cannabis company Medical Marijuana Incorporated formed a partnership with a new startup, MPS International. MPSI offers armed and unarmed personnel. This company also hauls products and earnings of marijuana firms. Other services MPSI offers are compliance and workplace supervision.

Canopy Growth Corporation, the largest licensed weed producer in Canada, works with a security firm, 3-Sixty Secure Corporation. According to 3-Sixty chief executive officer Thomas Gerstenecker, his company services 40 licensed pot producers and some provinces in various capacities. However, this CEO believes more work is required regarding regulations for transporting weed.

Cannabis Compliance Incorporated operating in Ontario also teamed up with 3-Sixty Secure. CCI employed 3-Sixty for moving, compliance, and security. Brian Wagner, CEO and founder of CCI knows the importance of protecting wholesale consignments of marijuana.

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